Unique plot with a surprise ending that matches serial killer from Book 1 against Twin serial killers from Book 2. Gripping and suspenseful, "Twin Killings" is well worth the small investment of 3 George Washingtons.

There is that special detective appeal to this novel, it takes you on a dark journey that is terrifying and riveting at the same time.Like book 1 you are drawn in the mindset of a serial killer through twist and turns that leave you breathless. You will be compelled to turn page after page until the unexpected, exciting ending. If you are not faint at heart you will enjoy this chilling, imaginative tale. I look forward to more books from this talented writer... Keep them coming Brian! 

Halloween is almost upon us and readers of scary stories are looking for something to raise the hair on the back of their necks. Well, the good news is Brian Benson's latest will have you under the bed, at least if you're a man. His protagonist Brent Dulac is on the case again. I won't spill the beans about the plot or spoil your terror, but guys will have a particularly strong reaction to how the bad ones behave in Twin Killing. And you may never have a desire to pick up a woman in a bar again. (Or, in this case, to allow yourself to be picked up.) Buy this book for someone you know who likes creepy, scary books. It's a great read. Okay, maybe not alone late at night. Enjoy. 


It was the summer of 1981. President Ronald Reagan had just fired 11,000 striking air traffic controllers. Major League Baseball was in the midst of it's fourth work stoppage since 1972, and Raiders of The Lost Ark was the top grossing film of the summer.

On the streets of our nation's capitol, the infamous serial killer Richard Michael Minton was once again stalking members of our investigative team.

My name is Brent Dulac, an investigator with Beltway Investigations in Washington D.C. Just when we thought the summer couldn't get any hotter, our boss Stephen Martine decided to throw more kerosine on the fire. The Metropolitan D.C. Police and the FBI were working a high profile serial killer case, they had dubbed 'The Yellow Rose.' Six mutilated male bodies had been found in cemeteries in D.C. and nearby Northern Virginia. The brother of one of the victims hired our agency to help search for his brother's killer.

See what happens when the two cases intertwine. They will test not only our investigative skills, but our survival skills as well. Jump in, fasten your seat belts, and enjoy a reading thrill-ride.