LATE 2016


Beltway Investigations and Detective Brent Dulac are hired by Michelangelo Nock the Circus Producer and owner of The Nerveless Nocks Circus from Sarasota Florida to protect their knife-throwing/acrobatic performer Lady Zella. Can Brent and the team catch a murderous stalker, before he puts and end to her dramatic performances? Find out in Contortionist, coming in early 2016...

Promo picture is of performer Marlo, and is used with permission from


It was late summer, 1983. Cujo was scaring movie screen audiences across America. In October the Baltimore Orioles defeated Philadelphia in the I-95 World Series. That November, our detective agency Beltway Investigations Inc. was hired to look into the death of a local named Chet Hosey. His body was found inside the Hancock Hotel in downtown D.C. The Metro D.C. Police ruled his death a suicide. His brother thought otherwise.

Join the Beltway team, as they attempt to solve one of their toughest cases to date. A case that leads to a nationwide investigation, and lands lead investigator Brent Dulac into the cross-hairs of alluring best-selling romance writer Lilith Vettmore.