The Goddess Of The Night
Beckoned me to her mountain hideaway
There, I dined from her forest garden
And drank from her living stream
I kissed the cheek of her mountain face
Under a whispering pine I slept on her sacred ground
Covered only by her blanket of darkness
I sought comfort in the arms of her night
Her soft gentle voice whispering through the branches lulled me to sleep
My soul took flight to the edge of eternity
Where it danced to her rhythmic whir

Her night eyes looked deep into my heart
And searched the depths of my soul
They calmed and captivated, eased and excited
I felt her gentle breeze, like a breath of life
I longed for the mountain stream of her hair to brush against me in the stillness of that night
As her gaze searched me out and found me there

I heeded the call of this Goddess Of The Night
As morning broke, I lay at her feet gazing upon a cover of meadow
She opened her eyes, and the sun appeared
Brilliant morning light bursting across the earth
She has cast aside the mantle of darkness
The sunlight of her gaze warming the earth
Her gaze gives comfort, and warms my inner being
She is my Goddess, my lover, my sister, my friend
In her arms I return to my source, my genesis
In her I become one with my elemental self
She is nature


Morning sunlight peeks through the pines

Inviting me, come, and taste her sweet wine

Come view the gardens beautiful hues

Heather, blue roses all fresh with the dew

Earth is awaking all's sunny and bright

Lilacs and larkspurs aglow in its light

Love in the mist is still in the shade

Enticing me come see her beauty arrayed

My Butterfly Bush is my favorite by far

It's filled with sweet nectar, an insect bazaar

Clouded Sulpher's, Tigers, and Whites

Harvesters, Monarchs all taste her delights

Eastern Tailed Blues occasionally cleave

Loving her scent not wanting to leave

Lastly, I'll say such beauty is rare

Except in exquisite Butterfly Hair


Ancient mystical princess, you're dancing in my thoughts

Nectar from your perfume, a memory of sweet rose moss

A whisper from your lips, like footprints in the sand

Breathlessly waiting a brush stroke from your hand

Echoes from that moonlit night, like a festival of bonfires

Like an unread chapter from a book of unfulfilled desires

Light my imagination, I'm filled with expectation

Entrap me in your moonlight kiss, tis just infatuation


Poet, Mara/ Michelle
weaves her rhymes and casts a spell

For those who listen cheerfully
beneath the branches of her tree

She bares her soul through poetry
to set our imagination free

Word pictures painted perfectly
filled with life's intensity

Darkness, light, recurring themes
shadows, substance, conscious dreams

Weaving prose and poetry
her special brand of symmetry

Upon life's canvas she applies
some color for our restless eyes

An artist's brush, a dreamers muse
a lovers touch in dancing shoes

Pirouetting through our twilight minds
choreographed thought,  well defined

Truth and soulful harmony
to touch each one's reality

I think you'll find that perfect blend
inside the words that she has penned

So dance tonight with the mademoiselle
With that beautiful poet Mara/ Michelle


Midnight Secret dark and deep
Enters in disturbs the sleep
Upon the roof I want to shout
The need is great to let it out
Midnight Secret in Her time
Disguised in poetry and rhyme
Reveal One for all to see
A soul that’s very close to me
Midnight Secret whispered aloud
Floating free above the clouds
Soars aloft on Butterfly wings
To find her place in Saturn's rings
Midnight Secret sings Her song
Inviting me to hum along
Should I be here, should I be there
A willing friend for Her to share
Midnight Secret finally shared
Freely given, freely aired
Into my heart you did ascend
Trusted confidant and friend
Midnight Secret soft and deep
No longer ere disturbs the sleep
Creating worlds that we explore
Soul mates friends for evermore


When I was a little boy
We played from dawn til dark
Chasing baseballs hit aloft
In our imaginary ball parks

Running fields to and fro
Shooting our toy guns
At imaginary enemies
We thought it was such fun

Playing baseball confident
One day we'd make the big's
But never understanding
It was really one tough gig

Another gig was coming
For which we'd all been trained
From childhood unrealized
In our minds ingrained

Those childhood days so precious, few
No sooner had we grown
We're told of foreign enemies
And into war we're thrown

Young men from other countries
With dreams not unlike our own
We're thrust in mortal combat
In some distant hot zone

For what ??? I asked so many times
This senseless loss of life
What did we gain from all those wars
But sorrow pain and strife

The years have passed and here we are
Our knowledge has increased
So now we send our daughters
To die in the middle east

Before I pass I hope to see
A world in which there's peace
Where dead men's wars are distant thoughts
And higher goals we reach

Where the sacredness of human life
And the value of each soul
Of our precious sons and daughters
Their gift of life extol

When I was a little boy
Seems not so long ago
That graying hair and different eyes
Have not tarnished the glow

The dreaming of that better life
In which we don't destroy
The vision and the purpose
Of when I was a little boy


Her golden elven braid
Brushed against my cheek in the evening darkness
I reached out, holding it in my hand for a brief moment
I breathed in the sweet aroma of her essence
Musky rose and magnolia
The magic of the moment swept me away
I envisioned the ancient lost Queen of Saqqara
Training her wiry tercelet in the desert afternoon
Male hawk and female spirit melding

I kissed the braid
It's transforming affect
Tickled my dopamine receptors
Taking me to heights, never felt before
Stronger than any stimulant
Softer than the kiss of the night
How can one speak in such legendary terms
About a single golden braid?

La Fleur

Dahlia's bloom unaware
Without a care
The Ghost Moth looms
In the afternoon

Enchanter's Nightshade tiny, small
Flowering until the fall
Attracting many birds and bees
Then clinging burrs become the seeds

Narcissus, jonquil, daffodil
In a vase upon the sill
In Wales you might hear one say
I wore one on Saint David's Day

Ivy clings, it grows, it climbs
English, Boston, curlies, vines
Adorned on Wrigley Fields wall
Responsible for ground rule double calls

Sweet William brilliant purples reds
Growing in the flower beds
'Crimson Velvet' 'Ruby Moon'
Brightening up the afternoon

Embrace the garden one and all
In spring and summer early fall
She'll bring you light, and joy, and bliss 

A source of endless happiness                                                                                                                    

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